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Line Produciton

At Kowatanda Films, our firsthand experience in creating our own films has granted us invaluable industry connections. We proudly offer full line producing and coordinating services for feature films, documentaries, and commercials being shot in Japan. Collaborating with highly skilled Japanese talents, crew, and coordinators, we maintain strong partnerships with local film commissions and rental services. With our special connections to talent agencies, we can help you navigate the intricacies of completing your project in Japan, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Reach out to us today for a quote or consultation, and let us make your filmmaking journey in Japan a smooth and successful one.

Location Scouting, Transport

Discover the abundance of captivating and diverse locations that Japan has to offer for your project. At Kowatanda Films, we possess the expertise to scout, obtain permits, and shoot in any desired location throughout Japan. Allow us to support you in finding extraordinary settings for your next project. Additionally, we have a wide network of experienced drivers across the country, ensuring seamless transportation as you explore and evaluate the multitude of wonderful filming locations.


Through our own film casting endeavors, we have established valuable connections with some of the most prominent talent agencies in Japan, as well as maintaining an extensive database of freelance actors.  Whatever type of talent you require, from budding artists to renowned stars, we can effortlessly connect you with them. Our expertise extends beyond main cast members as we also have a dedicated team responsible for handling extras in films and shoots. They excel in casting and directing the crowd, ensuring a seamless and engaging on-screen presence. Just let us know your talent requirements, and we'll handle the rest without a hitch.

Crew, Equipment Rental 

owatanda Films is registered with several prominent rental houses in Japan, allowing us access to top-quality equipment. Additionally, our direct connections with freelance equipment rentals and rental house heads enable us to secure favorable discounts for longer shoots. Our extensive network includes bilingual crews comprising skilled professionals such as DOPs, gaffers, sound mixers, and makeup artists. Whether you're working with a small or large budget, we can assemble a crew tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, we offer equipment and crew insurance options for added peace of mind.

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